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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

shelter in Love's abode

Love keeps me resilient and strong
and my partner, my friend has been
the conduit of love within, so i
wish never, of her hand, to let go

like perennials, dandelions, daisies, we
awaken by the fingers touch of the Sun,
the breath of the wind, the gentle tapping,
soothing of raindrops, resplendence to the land

when the day comforts after a restful sleep,
a calm embraces the heart and the universe
shares our smile when all is well
...our souls to keep

but recently a gray cloud has hovered
over us, my love and me, descending onto
moments of solemnity, rearranging the rhythm
of our spirits from that comforted place
into a disarray, a disheveled attire, a sad face

Sun’s gentle warmth now beats in a scorch
the gentle fingers of the wind now swirl about
pulling petals off, tearing leaves from their stem 
and the drizzle of rain now falls in torrents,
our resilience and strength is tested by that
ominous cloud woefully hovering 

but our hands hold tight day and night
weathering the gray and stormy skies
though trickling teardrops come like a
waterfall display as our intertwined hearts 
take shelter in Love’s abode and our souls
shall together journey, forever, into the ‘light’  

*we were recently diagnosed with the ugly ‘C’ . in two weeks will go under the knife
removing a tumor/cyst and find out whether cancerous or benign. 
prayers or positive energy is welcome

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


i am transcendent of an Eagle
from two lives before
my soul remains the same
though, now incarnate is my lair

i am here now, as a descendant
of Aztec lineage which makes
my spirit strong with defiance
to fight the evil’s ware

the spirit of Eagle is still within 
the choice in this transition calls for
me to sharpen my beak with patience
preen and pluck the unneeded feathers
grow new strong talons for the battles ahead

Sunday, December 18, 2016

awaken with a smile

today, i awaken with a smile
breathe the air of life
hearing its song
tasting its sustenance

i step one foot at a time
into the day because today
i’m able to walk

if you see me in passing
and return my smile
i'll know that your heart,
your soul is in the same place
as mine

i'll pass mine on
and you do also
and our smile will
go on and on and on

be kind to one another
for that is how joy begins
such to be the make-up
of the soul within

Friday, December 16, 2016

set Anne Frank free

there’s a demon that has robbed our souls
he wears a mask and a self-made crown 
spewing his flames through his mouth and nose
and we the victims are but cartoons in media
as we smolder in charred black and smoke

how did we close our eyes and let him in
to pull us down into this abyss where there’s
swirls of fire and pain as we stood holding
hands in complacent and comfortable bliss?

a garden we once had sowed where the daffodil
and sunflower ‘growed’, the rose and the tulip
sharing the soil in the rain, the sun breathing
in the wind and they dance under the moon of 
night and starlight in different colors of attire is
discerned, only, in the gatherings by daylight  

too many souls have now taken to hiding and
writing their notes, like a million Ann Franks,
in their attics quietly under candle-light and
their scripts read of anguish and angst knowing
in their heart, if they cease from watering the lily, 
the rose, the daisy and tulips, the garden 
will be no more

shall we take shelter from this dark cloud rolling
in with this masked demon at the helm or shall we
fill our water jug and quench the thirst of the tulip,
the lily and daffodil, re-till the soil with seeds and  
saplings so that they may grow setting free the
Ann Franks of the world and their souls  

Friday, December 2, 2016

solemn of today

my eyes open this morning,
breathing hastens with desire
and my heart heaving at a pace
only my soul can understand
of this embrace i will have today
for tomorrow may not come my way

tell me, you, who also awakens
with such love for this day in
the same way, of common desire,
to reach for another open hand
that perpetuates with risk what
is good, amidst an insidious hate

i witness the smile of a sunflower
this morning when walking between the 
pines where acorns and cones have fallen,
fodder for the chipmunk and squirrel whilst
their world also enters with the sun as
the breath of wind attends to their being

soon the barren limbs of trees shall
be wrapped in a white linen of Winter
and the blades of grass will be crisp
with the cold, the light of day will yield
to a veil of gray and the night shall glisten
with a shimmy and glittering of lights

solemnity abounds underneath the Moon
and stars where once the cricket and owl
could soothe one to dream, now the wolf’s
howls are mourns with trepidation for
 the river, the tree, the fish in the sea,
the Eagle’s eyes welled with tears for
all the likes of you and me

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

be kind, be life

the vestibule of life is the forest
there, all things roam freely
without the mire of human unkindness
or his hate-filled destructive manner

in the ocean life resists the prejudice
of judgment or segregation of kind
swims about in joy not noticing tumult
of tsunami waves or storms, above

the sky embraces the light of day
and darkness of the night is the
cover of sleep, to rest and conjure
the dream of calm and peace

when we lay our heads upon the hem
of Nature’s dress we give a moment
of 'relax' to the Earth’s unrest from a
clenched fist of an evil ‘man’, a life’s test

let’s embrace the forest, the ocean
and the sky for our souls to reap the
goodness of life, without disdain
let the deer run free, let the wolf howl,
let the dolphin swim, let the eagle soar

Sunday, November 20, 2016

life for her and me

little white flakes have arrived
in a fury with a restless wind,
a Winter’s day of bluster, t’was
green and warm just yesterday

it came so quickly with such cold
of hand in an unwelcoming pace
with a frigid grip on my heart, my soul,
a sadden gray upon my face

i sit here in my quiet cove listening
to the howl outside my window pane
as it bends the tree with an ominous
slurry of an angry wind and icy rain

my heart is broken, a subtle anguish
engulfs my every pore and my lungs labor
to breathe as my soul threatens of its
departure, a loneliness battles within

the nature of my being is in tumult
knowing my ‘love’ is being challenged
not by the frigid Winter’s touch but
by a more insidious vermin in her blood

if i could lay my hand upon her breast
and take away the pangs of distress
i would gladly wear the thorns of her pain
so that her smile will be welcome
come the next Spring rain

oh spirit of the Universe, let this be so
and i will praise you loudly everywhere
i go, every step i take, every waking
moment with an ‘alleluia’ and dance on
Nature’s dress for all to see, all to know  

Monday, November 14, 2016

intertwining hearts and souls

‘las estrellas’, above my reach,
traverse the expanse of sky
as i lie here with incessant tears flowing
from my eyes, a darkness wanting
to take away our vibrancy of life

i lament, the heart, not of mine
but of hers, whose rhythm is restless
amidst a rose and orange sun whilst
resting upon a calming sea
the dusk now gives way, settling
afar, into the twilight of the night
as it waves adieu in a somber silence,
to sadden news and an unforgiving day

she’s always maintained a stoic strength
not unlike ten well-disciplined equine 
riding up mountainous trails as she now
walks with a backpack strapped, burden filled

in this journey is an added laden of uncertainty
she now bears upon her shoulders of an angst,
a cancerous growth, that has reared with contempt
in her blood and decries the very health of her soul

we will lean upon each other in this journey on,
despite this added weight, as we walk through life’s
path of jagged thorns, shards of shattered glass,
shall climb over the challenging large stones

love is; the tempered steel of the blade that
carved our walking stick, the leather of our soles
on our mountain shoes, the life cells of our two
hearts, the fabric of our intertwining souls 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


a Flower blooms in Spring,
the Sun’s fingers tickle its petals
and the rain drops bathe it
as the Stars and Moon care for
it in the quiet of Night

its calm and brilliance draw other Flora
to gather around it, brushing up against it
as breezes blow, nudging them to coddle
so the Autumn storm cannot besiege it 
with a jealousy and envy for its ebullience,
as Fall and Winter bring virulence and fear

when the Day awakens changing from its
night’s attire, there’s fauna child like play
in and out of Trees and Turtle Doves coo in an
orange and yellow Morning hue casting a
sprinkle of gold, the glistening beads of dew
resting on its petals, on leaves of her Friends, too

oh Flower,  t’is  true, when my eyes capture
the colors of your dress, it puts a smile upon my
face in spite the storm that tried to furl your leaves,
tried to scare me too, but being here amidst your
friends assuage the angst, mitigates the pain
in my Heart, my Soul, when i sit here next to You

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Love is;

when my eyelids open and the world
appears to have remained within my embrace,

when my breath unveils a gasp of freshness
inhaling the verve of a new day,

when my ears can hear the joyous sounds
of songbirds just outside the window pane,

when the whistling of the wind calls the
voices of the trees swaying to and fro,

when i rise and my legs can move to walk
and my arms can swing, hands can grasp,

when the waft of lilac entices while a warmth
of shelter encases my mind, my body, my soul,

when i look around and see my little girls
of canine descent curled in their space, their abode,

when i see the joy of my heart laying next to me,
the light of my soul whose spirit is one with mine,

when we've walked through life’s travails gently
holding each other’s hand through loss of love ones
and knowing that love, our love, prevails    

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

what color is the wind

what color is the wind,
when blowing through the forest,
the flora, the fauna, the trees? 

what color is the wind,
wisping across the ocean,
over rivers and over streams?

what color is the wind,
soaring above with clouds 
and riding the azure sky?

what color is the wind,
i breathe as it flows through
my lungs, my veins, my heart?

what color is the wind,
that gives verve to our souls?
is it not the color of everything,
the color of all ?

Friday, October 21, 2016

finding to be

in my search, i found my eyes,
how they can look and see 
the color of what beauty is

in my  search, i learned to breathe,
to smell and touch and sense
the intrinsic fiber of life

in my search, i found a path
where flora and fauna gather
filling me with Nature’s embrace

in my search, i learned from
the owl, the eagle and the wolf
to observe while listening to the wind

in my search, i witnessed
a stone and a tree and how both sit
quietly and still, becoming one 

in my search, i learned not to
seek but to embrace all that is
for that is what it is to be

Monday, October 17, 2016

welcoming Autumn

bright red petals of roses,
yellows blue and purple
flowers, the vibrant green
of leaves, so quietly they change
from their ebullience into their
more Autumn hues of orange,
brown, black and russet   

warm winds cool, blowing the
cotton whites now misty and gray
as Robins and Hummingbirds
cease their play, pack to journey
south-bound where the sun still
heats and breezes still are warm

the blue-jays  and crows remain,
they caw in competition as they
sneak and steal the nuts and seed
from chipmunks and squirrels
not of starvation but to store,
preparing the arrival of ‘old man’
Winter’s cold nights cold days

houses now dressed in a fancy of rustic,
colors from pumpkins and silhouettes
of black witches on brooms, spiders
in webs, that hang from gutters and
eaves as white pillowcase ghosts
swing to and fro while the piercing
eyes of goblins, their incisor teeth grin,
to welcome the myths of Fall 

Monday, October 10, 2016

my shadow cast

a towering challenge stands before me
on this path to home in my traverse 
with every step towards it a shadow 
casts larger and larger

the days before me have dwindled
in number while behind me they've grown
with every step and my pace now slow
while moving closer toward this mountain 

the shadow i cast behind me is becoming
smaller as i stroll onward when earlier
my shadow embraced many a wildflower
as they sprouted vibrantly on my path

i am near the base of this promontory 
as it stands before me with its shadow 
hovering over me and all where i have been 
the sun can only wink, now, from behind it

moments have come that capture my breath.
wanting to turn around, run back away
from this worrisome angst but life's gravity,
inevitably, draws me closer and closer

droplets tickle my skin, they fall from a rainbow 
while a calming cool breeze whistles a melody
in my ears of an elegy longing for lasting years 
and the love that has dissipated into this mist

step by step my heart and soul avail
to what is to come, where i may go
i ask only that my eyes be given pleasure
of beauty, that of blooming flowers
while cool breezes lay their kisses upon
my cheek, the love that embraces me
on this path, let not unclench my heart
and i leave behind my shadow cast 

Sunday, October 2, 2016


not until my later years, now, have i
truly looked into the eyes of love

did not see it in my innocence,
still pure and in youthful attire
not having felt its warmth of heart,
its soulful value

not until i saw tears of another,
seeing their open hands reaching out
unkempt and empty,
pacing back and forth, talking to a darkness
only their eyes can see and knowing
no one feels them, unseen, no one cares

have now observed the lowly last flower bent over,
leaves brown and drooping, hanging by its sides,
and its bonnet with fallen petals hangs downward
in lamenting with the others already lying down
upon the Earth’s chest as Summer’s sun moves
farther away and a cooler air replaces warm
as the day grows shorter causing Mother Nature to
put on a coat of browns and orange, yellows and russets

until i saw an eagle feed its eaglets in the nest,
a mother wolf lay with its pups at dusk to rest,
tall trees sway in the music of the wind
whispering to each other the day's events
and the running streams flow into rivers and the
rivers into oceans while the stars wink at the waves
and the vane moon looks at its reflection, the
seagulls and the egrets fly across its face to find a
settling place until another dawn arises and my
heart swoon by the love of a new day

Saturday, September 24, 2016

tell me

tell me
how the gentle wind touches your skin
how the gold of sun rays pierce your eyes
when you hear and watch the fish gently slap
the water around the river's bend
ahh, and there's the waft of morning dew

tell me
how your heart flutters when feeling love;
your breath becomes rapid in excitement,
soft bead sweat shimmies from your hands,
how peace and calm envelops you
at the sight of stars and moon at night

tell me
the soothing of violin strings upon your ears
whilst reading words of Shelley and Shakespeare
and how they resonate into your soul
or as i sing to you a song formed
of love verses, i've written

tell me
that your love for me is true
the reflection of my heart, too
like new verdant leaves of Spring
with their brilliance in their color hue
my heart speaks~~~ there’s no truer love
than me for you

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

just enough

i wish you to have just enough morsels
to eat and have some left to share
with others who are hungry

just enough water to quench your
thirst then share with those who 
also thirst

just enough to warm your hands and feet
yet still able to feel the cold as others do

just enough shelter to rest your head leaving
room for those with less upon your shoulders

just enough anguish to understand sorrow,
just enough pain to appreciate its absence

just enough love to last until tomorrow

Monday, September 19, 2016

behold living

my body recently experienced physical pain
constant throbbing, deep and incessant.,
i breathe in, exhale slowly and it separates
me distantly from  it

now it has subsided, the cause ameliorated
i tarry in my focus and think of those
whose pain never subside and so much greater
than mine, so i breathe for them

souls being connected in a universal spirit
shall be then, but for a moment, the assuage
of this feeling, usurped by a calm and rest,
shared by the link of our souls

i shall amble about amidst life, today
i shall not forget the pain for it will be the cause
of me savoring the tiniest of things, littlest of moments,
cherish all  around me while breezes sing
in my ears and mine eyes behold, living

Friday, September 9, 2016

onto this new day

onto and unto this new day
when first comes my morning’s breath
i shall smile and laugh upon the tangles
and tugs in the face of death

i hear the melodies of my waking friends
the cardinal’s whistle, the melodious wrens
they’ll lift my body from recumbent dreams
to amble out onto Nature’s streams

a 'sol' of warmth,  a breath of soft wind
shall start my waking day, the night on end
naked feet will be tickled by grass and dew
and my spirit brimming with life’s anew

bring all the pain and angst you can muster
for i’ll still dance amidst a daffodil cluster
the song of a robin and a finch
shall lift my spirit in a pinch

come, share with me, embrace the day
for all too soon this will give way
to the moon and stars in night’s abode
but that too is dream filled, so, i am told