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Friday, June 16, 2017

eagle eye

see me and see you,
we are one
we are not two
you are me and me, you

for a moment stay quiet
and listen to the silence
if you close your eyes 
you'll see the vibrations

be witness to your breath
listen to your heart, listen to mine
for in our surroundings
we are one

i am the eagle soaring
and i tilt my crown and look
down onto and atops of trees
upon the faces of mountains
and the flow of the rivers
running into the seas

the golden warm eye watches me
then turns crimson before it rests
upon the edge of my Earthly abode
pulls a blanket of darkness over it
and then flicks on pinpricks of
lights onto and upon my sky as they
twinkle around the moon, the night
watchman’s eye

i stop to rest my wings.
unfurl my talons onto my nest
and then reflect upon my flight
where my dreams are of the tops
of trees, the mountain faces
and the flow of streams

from their rest, my eyes will open
once again to revisit another day’s 
sojourn as i spread and flap sinuously
my wings to dust off the stiffness and
yet salvage the soaring memories
caught in the web of my feathered
dream catchers

i twist, to and fro my crown to
stretch and loosen, ready to soar
so that i may create more dreams
and i tickle my spine up on the hanging 
puffs of cottons from a blanket of an 
azure sky riding the heavenly wind
until another day's end 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

love's value love's worth

hate and violence, i disdain.
love, i cherish but to what end
does its value diminish
when the object of it departs

love, when shared and reciprocated
by another's heart has great worth
but when death devours it, it leaves
the untenable toll of dearth

the sun rays kiss the flower by day
at night it hides away and the
pedals sleep in the dark and dew
as if there never was the two

when the tree sings with the wind
rustles about the notes in Spring
yet when an angry storm comes
uproots it, wherefore, their song

aesthetics captured by mine eyes and
no longer present my heart can’t find
a love once there, now dissipated
into another journey another time

so what value is love if it avails itself
to this void, filled of anguish and of pain,
does the soul truly remember its worth
when so cruelly departing of this Earth?

*a purging/catharsis; tragically lost a friend a week ago, she was way too young left behind two
  todlers: very tragically lost an aquaintance two days ago way too young, he has two young'ns:
  yesterday morning lost a good friend to cancer, I hope she left without pain