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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Being 'daddy'

If I would have had a daughter
could have learned to tie pigtails
wash her tiny feet, tuck her under
the warmth of her own bed blanket
given her that soft and gentle
daddy's kiss, ‘everything is going to be ok’

we might have found her some cockle shells
on the white sands of the beach
listened to the music that resides
inside the large snail shell
where angels store their songs

walk home her holding my finger, tiny hand
after a long arduous playful day
she waits for me on the porch swing
as I warm her milk and two cookies
we sit admiring the petrified stick she found
looks like a serpent from underneath the sea
and 'ooh, look at this sparkly stone, daddy'

I might have been a good daddy
to a daughter or son, sharing
the value of selflessness
Mother’s inspiration of love
who filled a void of an unknown father
showing me that their's great strength
in gentle smiles, in caring and giving,
in lieu of the male paradigm,
that gives credence to selfishness,
physical aggression, loud and domineering

thanks to maternal love
the influence of 'the gentle touch'
when a voice is spoken softly
and the soul is calm
the mind makes better choices
I think I could have been
a good 'daddy'

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Light

I gather in mind
towering personas, icons,
recalled in history,
their voice and song,
canvas and brush,
or writ of word,
they dissipate into
darken space until
memory serves
onto its appetite

Where do their
tunes and paintings,
where does their
poetry reside
when not in
the forefront of
the minds eye…
are they still riding
Life‘s waves into
the sea of darkness
upon that bending
light of spatial relativity
“where have all
the flowers gone,
long time passing?”

Soon, this soul
temporarily encased and
that harbors music and poetry
having saddled through
days of storms and
ridden in a luminescent night,
shall ride the light
through outer space
amidst the stars
that once heard John Lennon’s
sing his ‘Yesterday’
Shakespeare reading his
prose and Ludwig charming
crowds with his finger tips
upon the ivory’s

My spirit calms
as it pushes aside
hanging vines swinging
from tops of descendent
arboreal growth where
also caws echo through
a paradisiacal brush
as I catch a glimpse
of a curvaceous
female form playfully
searching for a playmate,
a light follows her
with the same radiance
I witness as I close my eyes
the one and same
my soul now rides upon,
traversing the universe
seeking its destiny,
that ‘somewhere over the rainbow’
or that ‘wishing star’,
hoping to see my mother
embracing joy and that
Omniscient love we’ve
sought ‘forever more’