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Friday, February 4, 2011

What is Providence

Will we be saved
Will someone come down from Heaven’s sake
Tell us how we’ve had our chance
and all our time in history here
we’ve only made life disappear

The gift we were given
we devalued
Showed no real effort
toward correcting our hate
We gathered opposing voices
making them our enemies
We learned to kill
from a book we interpret literally
in Adam and Eve
and Cain and Abel
accepting these words as Providence

We’ve not learned to Love
and have made the choice to kill
We’ve not learned
that the world is not all about 'me'
but about escaping the self
onto the understanding
that we are but a part of all
and when we destroy any part of life
we are killing ourselves.

Is there any entity somewhere
that witnesses the jeopardy of our demise
and has the power to intervene,
saving us from ourselves,
enlightening us to what is wise

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Intimate Cycle

Can Love survive
Can Love sustain
Without intimacy
Is it all
It’s ‘cracked’ up to be?

If memories still, freshly, exist
of the spontaneous kiss
the stray and erotic touch
the seductive, ‘Hello”

Now we fall asleep
in separate rooms
the space between us
is no longer an obstacle
like it was when youthful intimacy
consumed our loins

The queries now persist;
‘Have my looks faded,
my attractiveness lost‘?
‘ Do you still love me?’
‘ Of course I do,
Don’t be silly’
‘Was it something I said
or was it something I did?’

A daunting winter is measured
The haunting of intimacy, desire, lost
One by the abundance of snow gathered
The other by the chill of the ice formed

Nature we Love
for the seasonal changes
and cycle it tolls
Agape, the third book
in the trilogy of life
abandons personal intimacy,
will our Love die by this
or like Nature,
will it re-grow?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chair on my Patio

Used to think life as a constant
but now days go by so quickly
moments pass by at an instant
sometimes I forget to breathe

A chair sits on life’s patio
I sit and watch the passers by
Some will stop for a short stay
share their tunes as if on a radio

There are those whose hand I hold
their fingers intertwine into mine
cause a rythm change in my heart beat
and the promise of forever, I am told

Reality comes along sits next to me
shares some anecdotal fun
some of joys and pleasures
like the rise of a morning sun
letting the starry night go free

Yet, come a stormy day
leaving destruction in it’s way
Helping pick up after it,
is life’s mandate, is it’s writ

And as I witness life, now, many years
many more behind than those before me
putting ‘life’ in a perspective
enjoy the laughter and deal with the tears

If there’d be wisdom
Reality has shared,
In life, the only constant
is ‘change’ with whom it’s paired

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fireflies and Memories

Gathered some thoughts today
Memories of good things
some not so much
Cupped my hands to hold them
Some sieved between my fingers
but captured some from falling through
They felt warm in my palms
and when I raised my hands
to see what I had captured
Opened my cupped palms carefully
like fireflies, they were glowing
The faces the places, glowing and fading,
glowing and fading then began flying about
I gently clenched my hands together
not wanting to let any more fly away
Alas, I open my clutching hands
releasing them from my grasp
giving them their freedom,
allowing me mine.
Fly away, for once again,
I shall gather you another day