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Saturday, March 22, 2014

lasser faire

she captured me with eyes
of cerulean hue
a smile that would inspire
dolphins to dance above
the ceiling of the sea
her silken bronze
and golden hair made
even the sun stare
but it was the lecher fairness
of her skin that my desire
had spun a web

some still speak about the
treachery of my lust for her
and how it went beyond the pale
but knowing of life’s short
temporal stay I gathered little notice
to what others say
and so I’d call her name in my
most seductive tone which she’d
then respond in a soft lascivious moan

we played and kissed
underneath the grand old oak
rolled about like bunnies hop
making love under the lantern
of the night while cicadas chirped
and nocturnal eyes would
hoot and wink unabashedly
as our primal loins ruled
and our naked toes entwined

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

await your kiss

carry me upon your calm
embrace me with the breath
of solace

envelop me in your peace
hold me with a dire
for love

fill the emptiness
my soul has been
captive to

tell me in your words
of how my pain
is but the storm
before the calm

explain to me
how this temporal shell
when discarded shall
free my spirit

your door will be
left playfully ajar
welcoming me into
your abode

and I will see those
who smiled at me
amidst pain

let us share this
a fortuitous gift
that even in the dark
you found me to kiss

Monday, March 17, 2014

spirit of a stroll

hey my beautiful friend
let us hold each others hand
and walk softly whispering into each
others  ear the memories that for
each of us were so very near

let’s share the reveries
where verdant pastures roll
in back woods where we stroll
taking off our shoes to let
the grass and wheat fields tickle
between our toes

and when there’s no more to say
lets coddle in the silence that is
ours alone as we look up
at the faces of powder white
following us throughout the day
until they give to us the night
we are so well aware our worlds
could someday separate on paths
taking one to meet the universal
spirit while the other walks along
this pathway for a little longer stay

we also know that in the realm
of everything we shall one day meet
again and we may not have hands to hold
but together our common souls shall stroll