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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Please know, I care

Silent for so long my lips have been
About all the things my eyes have seen
Through trails and paths my feet
Have so tenuously travailed.

My ears have heard such parlance
Such mean and hurtful words
Disdaining cries of prejudice
Toward my café colored skin.

If only those with scornful words
Would know of me what’s within
That my heart cares and
Shares with them Life’s pangs and wares.

And like myself others with not so fair of skin
Somewhere in history most have a common kin
Had made thee breakfast and washed thee clothes
And sang thee song for thine eyes to close.

Fear not such small and trivial things
For in the whole of life
Thy heart will someday sing
a song where words and melody
Will be from the same hymn

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eyes: Windows or Mirrors of the Soul?

When I look into the windows of their souls, my two kids, Jules and Jaz(miniature poodles), remind me of how life exists “in the moment”. One debates and holds complex and in depth discourse as to the “meaning” of life as to whether born of a perceived notion of and act from a supreme being (deity), or that all which exists are the results from spontaneous chaos evolving into what we call “life”. Whatever it may be, when I look into their eyes as both find warmth on my lap and they lap me with the soft wet of their tongues showing their appreciation for this moment, they show me that ‘Love’ resides within and is intrinsic 'in the moment' without corruption. 'In the moment'; judgment has not time to impart or inflict the damages of morals, politics or philosophies.

The eyes become but mirrors of that which surrounds and in which one resides. They reflect and share with others only that which one sees through these conduits of the universe without subjective tones. Recently we’ve witnessed the earths eyes and conduits viewing the expanse of the universe through the comparatively inconspicuous lenses of the Hubble telescope. It is ’awe’ inspiring that such creation abounds. Whether the origins are believed to have been incepted by a ‘deity’ or by other intellectually conceived means, the intrinsic make up of human nature seems to call out into this grand expanse of the universe with a Hope that other forms of intelligent life may exist and may have some saving answers to resolve our most profound human challenges.

I sense within myself emotions so deep for this introductory desire of Hope for some responses to my intellectual and human query. Hoping for answers to that which is most poignant to me, that being: Why is there such self inflicted Human pain and suffering upon each other? Why is there such pain and suffering sometimes genetically inherited at birth which is seemingly beyond human control? Why is ‘death‘ and the subsequent pangs of anguish from the sudden absence of that life form such a misunderstood necessity? Why are passions and emotions such a major player in our ‘Human‘ make up? The human characteristics of 'passion and emotion' along with the diminished capacity of our ‘intellect’ seem to coexist but victimizing each other as obstacles toward clarity.

We, human beings, struggle now just to survive and maintenance our ‘damaged‘ planet, our damaged souls. When now I peer into my ‘kids’ eyes, I wonder how their view can somehow transcend their perspective of calm and unconditional ’Love’ upon us. I sit here asking these questions but they do not as we now sit here listening to Bocelli, Mario Lanza, Groban, Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, Shimabukuro, Segovia etc., etc., etc..