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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Looking up I wonder,
an osprey doesn’t see me coming
my footsteps quiet in the sand
watching him tilt his head
at the sea below
gravity beckons
wings by his side
the single sheath of blue
leaving small white edges
turns then rises
a tiny splash sprouts up
in his talons floundering
unbeknown to my eyes
it was swimming there near me
snatched, no wake, no displacement
the ocean kindly waving
that’s when I wonder
in the grasp of an angel's wing
when my soul is snatched
from its incarnate being
will it leave no displacement
or even a wake
to the mundane expanse
in the sea of life.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bending, Still Standing

At the edge of my becoming
I'm like a bending stem
of a daisy at the end of Fall
before it's white petals
wilt and drop
hereto I still proudly stand

Would like to think
my stamens will perpetuate
something of me
if not my petals
at least my color
and strength of stem

I’ve stood here for my
designated time
let the wind blow me
side to side
other species have stepped on me
stolen my pollen
but that’s the way
of a daisy it should be

So much I’ve seen
while standing here
how tall I’ve grown
the elements of life
have changed my color
some things I did not
understand but I accepted
it, allowing the sun and
the wind to do it’s thing

Today some of my petals
have begun wilting
none have yet fallen off
but soon to be covered in
loam at the feet of another
hopefully I will become
part of new growth