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Saturday, May 9, 2015

dia de mamasita

Marcoantonio Arellano

suns and moons have passed seems not so long ago
when mamasita to her maker was called home.

she needed her rest from a life that treated her with scorn
yet in spite of all her pathways aligned with thorns

she spread kindness to those she thought more forlorn

her wonderful vocals would begin our day
and from an open window in the kitchen birds

would be perched from a limb on a tree and she’d sing
to them and they’d stop their chirping and whistling

to listen to what mamasita had to say

her voice now resounds  in the solemn of my soul,
memorable moments in my mind, her undiminished

love fills every chamber of my heart and for this gift  

i thank her not just because it’s mamasita day
but i think she knows every morning when i wake

a picture of her on my mantle looks upon me
reminding me of the heart from where i came

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

a moment with breath

i walk many a dawn until the dusk comes on

wondering what path now my steps may take

and what will these footings tell me

another sunrise ascends into the day and

another starry night and moon kissies mine eyes

aware that the translucence of light is now fuzzy

like light fusing through rain drops on eye lenses

objects farther than an arms length away are opaque

but still clearly i can hear the rustling about

as squirrels and chipmunks chase one another

and the robins, cardinals and sparrows sing to each other

and the scent of the cherry blossoms, red and yellow roses,

conifers and mint fill the air as my heart beats of joy

i sit on a bench in the presence of Nature’s gift

next to the love of my life as she holds my hand and although

without knowing of wherefore my next step shall avail 

 i embrace this; a moment with breath