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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Relationships like Life are so fragile. When Life is lived with “verve”; when all the senses are keen and all the challenges in Life are exercised with the passion of a ‘snorting hoof kicking bull’; when their’s conflicts or setbacks, they are felt as if the bull has charged and gored. When one lives passionately all is felt in the same. Like the hurricane winds that blow and the grasses are forced to lay down and then the wind changes direction the grasses do also and with the same force. In this realm of passionate existence when family conflicts arise they are like mountainous obstacles even the small disagreements. Sometimes the passions of conflict revel in their own mire and they sink into its odorous abyss. Relationships with friends many times evaporate if these impassioned conflicts arise. Family members cannot dissipate in the like because they will always be of common genes and blood but the damage of the heart can be so deep that cries of ‘disownment’ can be loudly heard.

Conflicts of political ideologies, religious convictions amongst acquaintances and friends become a bifurcating force that may never be ameliorated. Among family, seemingly,insuperable conflicts separates and creates distance but can never or should ever be a “disowning” lever to be applied. Only death can physically abort this relationship and even then the soul never departs from its mundane or spiritual connection.

The passions of the heart and its emotional character sometimes dramatizes one living a life with verve. The cerebral interpretations of the ‘passionate man’ in many cases have much disconnection and are misunderstood. Those that seldom see or share the tears of the heart, also, seldom feel the warm breath of life and never inhale its exuberance. Their eyes open but never witness the ’sol’ of the soul.

The irony of the ‘Relationship’ between ‘Life and the ’passionate man’ and ‘Life’ and the ‘cerebral man‘; is that when ’Death arrives the ’passionate man’ with great resistance wishes not to shake it’s hand but when the dispassionate or ‘cerebral man’ attends to ’Deaths’ presence, he shakes its hand and does not care to understand.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sun Shines for Someone

The sun shines today evoking my spirit to once again dance.
The winter and cold this year has been bold
the weather has challenged the souls of man
caused them to question their faith,
dried up the caverns where tears were stored
human hearts truly felt from Divinity, they’d been scorned.

Amidst this dark cloud left from the wrath of natures hand
the humans resilient spirit sang songs in the streets
in the face of the storm with hands around the world
coming forth with a gentle hand of shelter, food and warmth.

The suns wondrous fingers pierce through my window pane
reawaken is my spirit of song lost in the midst of that storm
but depressed is the soul of those still without homes
awaiting relief from the pain and the scorn.

Be mindful, those who read these words
whose hearts they touch, whose thoughts incite;
There are those of us who live amongst the tree tops,
the sun touches and nutrients befall
and those who live in the shadows cast
who can see the sun above
but to share in its radiance, they’ve little hope.

I ask that you not wait for an extended hand
but from within of thy inherent kindness
share thy wealth not just from thy pot of gold
but of thy health, provide the strength and compassion
to rebuild their land