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Sunday, April 9, 2017

entropy enmity for life

‘…suddenly, there came a rapping,
tapping, tapping at my chamber door,
t’is it was and nothing more…’

…you have come and tapped so often at my door
and I have but put my ear to it, soon I will
come and open it…

is it sadness and entropy that engenders such
enmity for life or might it be enthusiastic anticipation
upon the entering a blissful transcendence?

For Magaly Guerrero: imaginary garden with real toads/Twitter Me a Gothic Poem

sharing Spring

a Gander and mama goose
now stop by regularly since
two fortnights passing

i will hang sugar water rest stops
for the avian scurrying hummingbirds
to siphon out like fuel until next stop

at dusk, the sun waves, ‘nighty-night’,
with its crimson fingers and lies down
to rest its diurnal warm attire

then come twinkling those gleeful
diamonds of the night sky to dance
around the watchful smiling moon

the wafts of blooming buds fill the air
as the wind gently tickles them to rise
and gather onto the hem of Spring’s dress

i’m grateful for how many of these days i've 
experienced, a privilege that so many were 
short lived and for them, i share all this