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Saturday, January 3, 2015

a wish

what i behold is not what you behold
the aesthetics of my vision are shaped
by my heart, my mind, my experience,
my choice and yours is of the like, but
yours is yours

i cry for the soul that suffers
whose mouth has not chewed food
for so long, whose taste has not had
the pleasure of its liking, and one whose
skin has not felt the warmth of cotton

i must on occasion allow myself to discard
the seemingly unmitigating anguish within
like when witness to a human having passed away
alone in an uncaring and lonely street as
his only friend, a canine, laying by his side,
growling at anyone's approach. undying friendship

i wish sometimes to be blind to all this,
that my heart and soul could not feel this anymore
i wish that my disdain and anger for this
could be felt by the same broken heart, by more

that those who still have but a caring heart
a human kindness, not beset by self imparted
ideology, religiosity or bigotry, would rise and act
against the presence of this inhumanity

i say now in word, stated maybe unjustly by the
limitations of my limited abilities with words,
that when, as destiny will determine when my
soul shall depart, it will be with love in my heart
for all who shared my vision

like the lonely soul i witnessed in the street who’s soul
seemingly departed alone, i share with him similar
moments where in life some family and friends and passing
random acquaintances feigned affection.

when time comes i shall lay my body down somewhere
devoid of all possessions, worldly anchors, but only
with my canine friend by my side and if lucky,
my human love holding my hand


Thursday, January 1, 2015

a good beginning

i wish to enter into thy warmth of nest
huddle closely chest to chest
if thou let me kiss thy neck
entice the lust in both of us without rest

whisper to me if this be of your liking
soft and gentle with my touch
onto the small of thy back 
and let my kisses do as much

before all this, if i may serenade thee
with a song and words i’ve gathered
having saved them for much too long
for just the right moment when together alone

we have walked hand in hand
from dusk till sunrise many times
sometimes sharing sweet words
listening to the quiet and silence in
the nudge of dawn

we have played in waters running
through tall mountains when the sky
has cried upon its tapestry like
ornamental strands streaming
down their face

we have traversed trails in forested plains
to escape the noise of man’s rumbles
to the disdain of Mother Nature’s ears
for the careless waste of years and years

so when we come together tonight
let us wash away the grime of day
as we sit in a tub of water warmed
i sponge you and you me then caressing
as our bodies to each other, belong

after, we shall lie together naked
only the eyes of the moon upon us
and we’ll kiss ourselves to sleep
until the wake of morning to begin
another day of love at our feet


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

feliz año nuevo

many a daylight reveries and night time dreams
have passed, ruminations and interpretations
of where reality resides. what for are my peripatetic
dispersings in my awakenings but only to depose them
onto sleepless nights of confusion

the god of gods, the maker of my being, provides me
with the will of choice or has he ?
is my trail paved with palatable terrace stones
so that my every step directs me toward a
predetermined path and all of my contorted and
juxtaposed moments are of a duped puppet on strings?

has the residence of my being in this universe of
dark and light, of cold and warm, of noise
and silence, my tears having been heartless
only to the dysfunction of metabolic incarnations
and my sensorial portrayals having been but
valences, less than benevolent and without cause?
do my queries even purport anything in the
discourse of existence where if there is
no god of gods, no divine intention or intervention
to give all this some value or worth that we dupes
believe to be the ‘good’?

to this, though, i shall not deviate from my direction,
to give with appreciation of myself even if impoverished
with misgivings to thoughts of godlessness, 
these curious interpreted thoughts of my doing.
for i having noticed smiles of comfort, a joy
and warmth of being, to this i shall go on until
the end. i wish to be integral and heartfelt of all this
for this is what my new year will bring

Sunday, December 28, 2014

give of yourself

a veil of tears fall gently
down my face as i ponder
who, for what, i am
they fall onto an open hand
trying to understand why they’re shed
and i sooth the pain by saying…yes i do,
thy heart laments in the sorrow of others

…feeling the burdens of hunger
the pangs of strife and loneliness
knowing life’s music is not heard
when the struggle is deafening

a body left unclothed, sheltered from the cold,
hunger pangs go unfed of mother and child,
an uncaring hand that has so much is
blinded by perceived riches of self indulgence

i catch the tears upon my open hand
holding my soul, my heart tight, walking,
day and night trying to wipe away tears
on faces, share food with child and mother

for when the human heart is promised yet it
becomes complacent, not a smile or touch,
many are scorned thinking no one cares
for even in the presence of others
an emptiness resides within