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Thursday, April 27, 2017

the stars last night

the stars last night rendered
melancholy, sadness, joy, a smile.
gathered nostalgia gathered dreams
and reveries assembled the souls
that share, under them, the night

a cool crisp April breeze hovered
whilst the energy left behind in the
absence of the Sun, yet, still watching
from the other side of the hem
on Earth’s horizon, awaiting

those whose eyes no longer see
this Night’s renderings for they
now sleep underneath the blanket
of eternity on the Universe’s bed
witness something grander

sooner rather than later, to join you,
the fear of my departure from this,
the mundane no longer resides within
for i have walked my path in my sojourn
and like all things, i await my leave

i thank the Stars, the Moon, the Sun
the Wind, the Seas, the Eagle and the Wolf
i thank the spirit of Earth and Nature’s breath
for sharing their wisdom, explaining  of Love
when my days seemed futile and deprived.