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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Bit of Care

Don’t know if when I reach out
and say I understand,
does this help mitigate the burden
the onus of the lonliness

Maybe I don’t give you money
or take away your pain
or keep you from aging
but I can look into your eyes
and say I understand

I can ask “are you ok?”
hold your hand and help
you walk across the street
take you to your doctor’s appointment

I can bring you food
cook for you
make sure you don’t spill it
help you wash up
then caringly help you
under the covers of your bed

I can stroke your forehead
speak softly till you
unknowingly travel into that
soft and gentle space
that when awake you cannot take

This I can do for you
It’s not much
but for a moment
in this harsh and cruel life
it allows you some comfort

And you lie down to sleep
knowing in the last waking moments
that someone cared,
someone understood.