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Saturday, March 9, 2013

the smile of Spring

soft and kind
the approaching breath
rearranges my being
my eyes see clearer
all of nature seems
to wear a sheen

smiles abound
I hear the hearts
they flutter with glee
although there is
pain and suffering
somewhere,  today
I bathe in it’s water

a freshness appears
In the eyes of Spring

Friday, March 8, 2013

bye, anger

Leave me, fly away

let me be with joy
a smile
it wishes

without you, Anger
go away 

you waste my time
I cannot see
when you stand
in front of me

you darken my heart
those around me
see you

 go away
I wish to choose
my friends
you are not my choice

Anger, you dwell on the past
you blind me
I cannot see before me

you cause much trouble
there’s no room for you
in my life

 ‘tat’ your face
upon my heart
ha! no room, it’s
filled  with love

so go away
let me be
be the demon
you wish to be
but not with me

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dance with me?

Destiny. a belief abounds
voices call it necessary
but not for me
my determinism is
my choice, I'm free

Like words on this page
that arise spontaneously
and I choose
to write them down
as I see them

In lieu of the chaos
sometimes desiring anarchy,
the richness of synchrony
and mellifluousness of harmony
ascends upon me

I choose to think of Love
of music and poetry
of those things that
have made men smile
and women dance

gently take my hand
lets sing the words we all know
remind ourselves we are one
give and share of oneself
let us dance

Sunday, March 3, 2013

the kiss

shadows fall
cast down by this fiery ball
it unfurls its will upon it all
small big short or tall

It remembers when first
the rock billowed upon its path
kept it at a distance
grasping it with gaseous tips

It kissed the rock upon its lips
gave it warmth and asked its
lunar kin to brighten the night
and from the melted ice of space
to crest and ebb the tide

if it came too close
it pushed it away
cooled in the dark of space
and while it slept
borne fauna and flora
then  the human race

have there been other kisses
given in the vastness of space
and if we slight this embrace
will all be lost to chaos
never again to be kissed