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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Alone, Sonata no. 1

Although the day has been
wonderfully full of the suns touch
the flapping and scurrying
of life all around me outside
gives me joy yet I’m anguished
of the humans around me
seemingly not Caring for each other

Tonight my sleep is restless
seems darker, absent of space
I look around and witness
that I’m in my domicile
yet I feel empty of presence
unrecognized by that which
surrounds me

My chest, not a ‘Tell Tale Heart‘,
feels a dull constant ache
my left kidney a sharp stabbing
the ticking of the clock above
my recliner where I sleep
is relentlessly reminding me of time

Music is present in my ears
Ah, Ludwig and Amadeus
sprinkle into my ears, piano sonata no.1
so soothing, calming my angst
in the absence of self
the soft tickling keys a reminder
of self cognition in this realm
of lonely recognition

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Smile of Spring Rain

the rain that falls from the sky
it can not change it’s mind
once it begins it’s dissent
it must reach it’s destination
whether it falls atop a mountain
or on leaves of trees
or back in the mother sea
these rain drops do not speak
of what ocean they come from
nor where their spirit goes
once they cleanse all that they touch
if only they could whisper their secrets
of how their journey began
and how it feels when riding the wind
while in the world of Spring where upon
the pedals of daisies and daffodils
roses and lilies they put glistening smiles
for all to see