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Saturday, September 3, 2016

a flower's tears

like the flower in Spring
the petals with brilliant colors
on display, the leaves a vibrant green
and loam at its rooted feet
dark, moist from the morning’s dew

she used to be like this
when she’d look my way, would
on occasion seem of fawning  
making me feel like that
flower of Spring

but Autumn comes, some call it Fall
and colors change to crimson and
russet, although still brilliant in their
aesthetic way, there's a change of their 
colors now taking place, a different
beauty in their display

she sees me now in my Autumn attire 
though Spring still is her favorite color
she looks no longer at me the way she used
to but at another flower whose colors of Spring
now catch her eyes

i am that flower, a sentient being, a human
touch is of my heart when my Autumn
colors now displayed and you look away
my petals droop, my leaves fall to my side, 
the heaviness of falling dew, are my tears for you

Sunday, August 28, 2016

my soul speaks

my walk today traversed a hillside
through a field of wisteria embracing
a patch of yellow snapdragons and lily of
the valley white bells while busy yellow jackets
and bumble bees buzz, a pollinating dance 

conscious and slow with every step
cognizant of this moment listening to
the whispers of the day noticing its
breath as it swirls and sways a field
of wild-flowers like waves at sea

i listen to the voice of my soul speak
as i search to find my ‘within’
bringing my spirit to a brink
grasping my heart with a calming
asking to be witness to peace

the tales of my soul does tell of pain
hovering over sadness and disarray
while wishing the music of love to play
awaiting trials and tribulations to allay

knowing all this to be mundane that
the transcendent spirit will soon discard
severing the tethers and letting the vibrations
to play in sync and rhythm with the
Universe where together they, too,
shall dance