Sunday, August 28, 2016

my soul speaks

my walk today traversed a hillside
through a field of wisteria embracing
a patch of yellow snapdragons and lily of
the valley white bells while busy yellow jackets
and bumble bees buzz, a pollinating dance 

conscious and slow with every step
cognizant of this moment listening to
the whispers of the day noticing its
breath as it swirls and sways a field
of wild-flowers like waves at sea

i listen to the voice of my soul speak
as i search to find my ‘within’
bringing my spirit to a brink
grasping my heart with a calming
asking to be witness to peace

the tales of my soul does tell of pain
hovering over sadness and disarray
while wishing the music of love to play
awaiting trials and tribulations to allay

knowing all this to be mundane that
the transcendent spirit will soon discard
severing the tethers and letting the vibrations
to play in sync and rhythm with the
Universe where together they, too,
shall dance


  1. What a wonderful meditation..i could hear those bees and feel the sense of finding your voice and soul as you walk..

  2. listening to
    the whispers of the day noticing its
    breath as it swirls and sways ... the best way to embrace the day! Nicely said.

  3. How we all must have been "wishing the music of love to play" some time in our lives. I enjoyed reading your "My soul speaks".

  4. so beautiful...listening to the day's whisper, watching bee-dance and waking of the soul to delight...a blessing indeed...

  5. You are like the bee buzzing through the landscape of flowers.

  6. your thoughts add to the tapestry of the landscape in a beautiful way. Have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  7. With such a surrounding you have to pass into trance so much easier... I could almost feel the scent of all the flowers.

  8. "Asking to be witness to peace" is very beautiful. I love the spirit, in your closing stanza, severing the tethers to earth and dancing with the universe. Very lovely.

  9. So wise, a soul that invites flesh and mind to delight in peace... so wonderfully wise.

  10. Love the layering of nature in this piece, as backdrop to that state of transcendence.

  11. Yes, breathing in the moment, letting it set the pace and simply being in it. It is then we hear the song of our soul,


  12. Very thought-provoking.

    PS I find your page hard to read – the combination of background colour and font colour means that for me the lettering is not very distinct. I can make it work better by zooming, so this is not an insuperable problem; however I mention it in case you might wish to consider using more contrast. I am perhaps not the only older reader experiencing some degree of difficulty.

  13. Marco, this seems a different style than your usual...and I like it. Very philosophical and reflective. Words and thoughts of a wise man. (Visiting late from the I was out of town!)