Thursday, August 18, 2016

joy of life and sleep

that waft of lavender or soft musk,
the sparkle of the dew on grass in
the morning and the lust my heart
and soul doth feel the joy of waking
to life’s ebullient smile

warm golden yellow rises and white cottons
soar along the azure powdered face
shimmering off the mirror ocean blue,
a spectacle bringing life to the jumping
dolphin and spattering of fish while seagulls
call and the osprey talons fill

doth my day begins of Summer’s Spring
while cool wet sand invades the space
between my toes, the southwest winds
blow capturing underneath my eagle wings
so that i may fly amidst the day where
i shall play

from dawn to dusk my soul shall dance
give way to the spirit of the universe
of how things should be where chaos
intermingles with harmony as opposites
and the yin yang intertwines as one

a glitter of stars shall prick the black of night
and tease the moon to smile while the roaring
vocals from white nail rolling fingers of the sea
shall sooth my dreary eyes to close and i will
dream the dreams where my soul shall soon
reap their joy along with souls in universal sleep


  1. Such gorgeous imagery in this poem, mi amigo. A beautiful dreamy read.

  2. When I start to read poetry like this I realize it should be read aloud and how effective it then is particularly in the final stanza. Glorious poetry!

  3. The imagery is so heady and rich - almost as if 'you' are lost in the wonders of the universe whilst also finding your place in it - a magical poem

  4. what joy your day has in all the images that soar from those lovely opening lines:
    "waft of lavender or soft musk"

  5. I love how you paint such an ethereal and soothing image... this is exactly what we need to have...

  6. Marcoantonio

    I luv your freedom in knowing self and mastery conquering time and space with your poem
    " underneath my eagle wings
    so that i may fly amidst the day where
    i shall play"

    much love...

  7. beautiful and rich imagery all through....

  8. The universe is a sexy place, so full of life, so ready for us to look, feel, enjoy... Love the feast of imagery.