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Sunday, August 14, 2016


this evening i sit alone and quiet
atop an old oak tree's rooted feet
listen to the wind brush the leaves
watch the cloud figurines soar above
as the sky turns orange and crimson
and the sun lies down to rest and sleep
at the feet of mother earth

i ponder the many steps i’ve taken
throughout the days of yore
of faces passing with frowns and smiles
hearts forsaken of love lost and the tears
shed, unremitting, in the lonely nights
missing those now absent in this life

here and now, gathering thoughts
along with memories, how rich my heart
has felt from those who have touched it
both at a distance from human empathy
to the fortunes of a warm embrace, maybe
a kiss here and there or just holding ever so
gently of my hand

i wonder if and when my breath shall cease
in partaking of this earthen bound, my soul
shall be gifted with pockets filled with love
where i can take to share with the souls of others
that maybe weren’t so lucky, filling theirs
with a love that was meant for all