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Saturday, April 13, 2013

good day

My day begins with cravings
for the air, for the smells,
the sounds, the sunrise
that shares the sky

harkens to a calming soul
when all around, beyond
there’s noise of hate and war

observe the faces
of those near
and in their eyes
I see fear

they walk about
like zombie automatons
no say on if they
may live another day

all pray to their
God, Allah, their Ohm
for intervention
to keep their
earthly home

I wish this writ
to be a song of
blue streams where
flowers bloom
but all around
are tears, laments
of doom and gloom

but, this does not stop
or wane my cravings
for the fresh of a
new beginning
I shall look for that
embrace of love
and share with someone
my new day

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I stand still

I stand still

                                                 a receptacle,

                          quiet, I hear

           leaves, they sigh

                                            white cottons dangling

   whistling in sync

                           to the music

of yore

                                                    they wave, so long,

    to the cold breath

                of yester-year

they heat their

                  feet in the

                             warmth of the sun
                                  rinse their sweat

                                             to the foliage below

                                                           without care

                                                of where it falls

                                      and who or what

                              may drink

                  knowing only that

          its done what it

was meant to do


                                                          I sit here quiet

                                                          wondering what

                                                          it is that I

                                                          must do