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Saturday, September 1, 2012


In the soft and kind
chamber of your heart
will you forgive me
for I may not have said
the words you wish
nor kissed your cheek
when needed

Will you store within
the warmth of my breath
when we embraced
and the whispers that I
lay upon your ear
and pulled the bow
of violin strings
that soothed your needs
when they need be felt

If their be a fiber
that love is made from
let my sewing, my knitting
be the hand that weaves it

And when we are apart
you may hold it in your hand
caress it near your chest
where that soft and kind
chamber remembers me

Upon the knitted edges
of your heart you will then
say: ‘I forgive thee’

It is said: If but little you give,
much will be received

Thursday, August 30, 2012


When we smile into each other’s eyes
and we gather the full moon into
the memory of our hearts
we sense each other’s
touch when we had embraced
the time the moment

Did we not share, maybe,
something that was not someone
else’s and did we not agree
that this moment would be ours

Could we say, without saying,
you are me and I am you
could we look onto this moon
and know it stared upon our moment
and no one else’s

If tomorrow I shall peer upward
to the sky and see the face
that peered upon us naked
when we thought we were
alone, our hearts denuded
from the ugliness of judgment

And all this is, is friendship
Imagine if love was involved

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life's ebb tide

we’ve ridden it’s crests
together on separate boards
occasionally wiping out
yet getting back on
‘cutting’ high and low waves

we stand
on the beach head
waiting for the next
wave then back on again,
surf’s up

aching from spills
I’ve taken,
some worse than others
almost drowning from
a couple but there
you were handing
me my board

we jump on together
and kiss the sea, on
we go as the sun’s fire
dips behind us
into the
ocean’s bed

we then lay our heads
on it’s sandy pillow
our boards as beds
listening to the seas roar
diminish to intermittent whispers

there we lie sated
from riding the wakes
the swales and the
rolling caps
and the moon beams
glisten on the sea