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Saturday, September 1, 2012


In the soft and kind
chamber of your heart
will you forgive me
for I may not have said
the words you wish
nor kissed your cheek
when needed

Will you store within
the warmth of my breath
when we embraced
and the whispers that I
lay upon your ear
and pulled the bow
of violin strings
that soothed your needs
when they need be felt

If their be a fiber
that love is made from
let my sewing, my knitting
be the hand that weaves it

And when we are apart
you may hold it in your hand
caress it near your chest
where that soft and kind
chamber remembers me

Upon the knitted edges
of your heart you will then
say: ‘I forgive thee’

It is said: If but little you give,
much will be received