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Monday, February 15, 2016

we walk together

you who’ve walked beside me
unknowingly and then behind me,
or if you arrived before me
did you see me and not say hello
do you remember me?

i saw your eyes when walking by,
smiled at you, you didn’t say hi
you turned your head, looked away
as my finger tips were frozen,
my pants and socks soiled and wet,
under street night lights i am shaking
and afraid, hungry in the light of day

i used to have a coat like yours,
a cap that would cover my ears,
dry clean socks and shoes,
a warm bed, a roof over my head but
without notice, life took me by surprise,
lost my children, lost my wife

i’ll be here alone with nostalgic thoughts,
reveries keep me sane and good memories
my body in some pain yet freedom of breath
so if you hear my heart while walking by
and don't turn your eyes away from me
i will still share with you a smile for our two 
hearts have ridden this wave of life, together

choosing you

sunrises i have witnessed
clouds soaring by
raindrops trickling upon my face
the pleasurable waft of flowers
all comes back to me
when i think of you

in this short spell of time
my  heart has felt a love
like no other much like a book
read from cover to cover
with its absence and its pain
reading the chapter about love
again and again so within me
to always remain

being near the end of my path
i choose these thoughts
when love kissed my cheek
warmth embracing my heart
walking amidst nature’s park
letting the wind part our hair
hand in hand our souls never to part