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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remembering John

John Lennon’s voice spoke softly but loudly
His gentle sounds reverberated the beat of our hearts
in what we thought, in what we felt
what the issues of the time had meld

We remember his music because it was us
We remember the words
‘Imagine’ what the world would be
if we ‘let it be’!

We were battling in wars
with ideological misfits
children dieing , mother’s crying
for government’s games of power

Since his words have been silenced
we have once again raised our hands
in violence
We gather our fruit now before others eat
Only to feed ourselves without caring
for those with shoeless feet

We’ve placed our faith “In God We Trust”
and find our children living in the streets
when few live in castles made of gold
and like the violence placing his words on hold
we have fallen back to leaving our soldier's lives
lying in foreign dust

Can we ‘Imagine’ once again?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life Carries On

Life strolls through the trails, pathways and streets
It walks uncaring and sometimes ruthless
without a whimper, without a whine for all those
stretched out arms grasping, clawing to grab on
to its apron strings for one last tug

Through scapes of rock face mountains, tree lined forests,
bends of rivers and sandy arid deserts,
it carries its gait with flowing air
uncaring of words written, sedating Life's woes,
vicariously, in an ambiance of lantern light and insulation
with aesthetic prose '...a starry night or dazzling sunlight'

Life carries on in spite of the primal wares
of primeval games played by man
seeping out life’s blood of ethics and morals,
Suffering and pain, broken hearts and travails,
seemingly disavowing human emotions

It plunders, unscathed by human discomfit
It cares not of religions or dogmas written
attempting to explain the why’s and hopes
or creation with their demons and deities.
Life carries on with an uncaring face