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Friday, March 1, 2013

don't walk away

glittering speckled flakes
falling from my face
in the sun they glisten
in the night they’re unseen
in the daylight
I turn away so
no one sees my face
at night I stand still
in the dark
breathing quietly
if at all
alone, I strum my guitar
of lamenting strings
verses floating on a puddle
of tears at my feet
some may listen to my song
but then, all walk away
I listen every morning
to my only friends
nesting upon
their arboreal lair
they never walk away
although, they can fly free
but always they come back
to greet me the next day

Thursday, February 28, 2013

you tease me

you tease my desires
my lust
like a stallion running wild and free

if you wish
you can cradle me tight
slow my heart rate
with your warmth

have me,
tell me what you desire
can I taste you
as if a caramel ice cream cone

we set our time
to the stars and moon
awaken only by
the songbirds at noon

and as we part
you wear my cologne
I, your perfume

once again my mane
impetuous and wild
in the wind

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm 'baaack'

I saunter about on an unheralded path
disheveled with  gruff on my face
the presence of apathy
a battle with dormancy
the mind travels on a path of despair

 I listen to the Montoya or Segovia strings
the writ of word by friends
attend  to whay they say
words that decry their pain
embrace the joy of their choired voices
and so it pulls me out
from a daunting abyss