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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

my words, my riches

my words, will they fill this space
with a welcoming of someone’s eyes
not waste a second of someone’s breathe
if my words are read out loud

if I express my hearts softness
in a mellifluous tone of words will they
make me the wealthier for it
and maybe someone else’s heart

I read the words of chosen mentors, my muse
I fill my glass with the riches of the past
but more importantly with the ripeness
of the verve they lived and their love

when I pass into the next horizon
I will have, as my souls make up, a picture
of my favorite sky, my favorite tree,
the oceans roar, freedom of the osprey

as my spirit transcends into the unknown
it shall carry with it wisdom of my ancestry,
strength of my mother and her song,
the loves of my love and those who
loved me

like Tutankamun and Quezalcoatl buried with
their riches, mine will come with me
for I will have consumed them into my soul
and I’ll depart with the howling of the wolf
in the wind underneath the eagles wings

Sunday, May 11, 2014

dia de madre

Mamasita J
a cardinal, a robin, a cowbird, a blue Jay,
a redwing black bird and a turtle dove
are orchestrating your song for today
they’re rehearsing mamasita’s lullaby
for mamasita day
they’re just outside my window
recalling your favorite tune
you know the one in the morning you’d sing
while the tiny rainbows glittered inside the dew
I vividly remember as a little child
with my hermanos and hermana
gathering, holding hands looking outside
the window as the day begins. you’d tell us
if one sings la cancion ‘esta mananita’
the morning the sun would rise joyously,
the birds would sing its welcome
and you were always right
so today, for you mamasita, with the
back up choir of robins and sparrows
and all their other amigos and even
some ground squirrels chiming in
i sing ‘esta mananita’ to celebrate and honor
you forwithout you my life would not be
con muchisimo amor, mamasita,
con los angelitos donde estas hoy
te mando mi coracon, todo mi amor
tu hijo, nene