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Thursday, January 29, 2015

escape to solitude

i walk the back woods barefoot thinking i would *escape

but then i realize all around me knows i’m here

when i breathe ,the air comes without announcement

with every step the ground comes up to meet me
when i reach up the leaves of trees touch my finger tips

if i look up at the sky with its white crinoline skirt it stares back

whistle and i’m joined by the cardinal, sparrow and bluebird

sing and the howl of the wolf is inspired knowing of my presence

trying not to think but memories entangle me in reflections

my beating heart calls out to those entwined with mine

this soul carries a torch for those that have left me

i guess escaping is not easy, only solitude

* connotes selfless; Tao


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

a cheer to joy

in these days of disquiet
i’d walk barefoot on jagged stones
to distract from pain throbbing
in my heart and in my head,
the tumult

if i could i’d sing a song
with words for all to hear
of how things could be better,
if only we would try

sing of how tender the touch of a child
being nurtured on mother’s breast or
a hand upon the shoulder of a son
by a father’s caress

sing of the gentleness of breath when
love comes and kisses your cheek
and feeling soft warm skin
pressed against your chin

i would dance so that you’d turn
your sight away from the sadness
you’ve witnessed and raise a glass
of wine to cheer of joys that
still can be

for if i don’t sing and dance, i
too will be thrown into a den
of distraught and disquiet and
all would  wallow in the mire