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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What to Wear?

A quarter Life left to live,
if that,
Three quarters behind me,
blindly searching
trying to find an indiscernible
joy thinking it was there,

A touch of wisdom now prevails
understanding better the balance
of life, it’s reality
somewhat juxtaposed in space,
in the universe

I’ve had time to look
in the chest of drawer where
the attire of life is stored
Have segregated that
which I can wear and that
which I cannot.

Now that age has lassoed
my physical growth
I must put aside that which
no longer fits
Look around, try on
and choose what's best suited.

My tastes have changed,
my selfish view has also
My discredited needs have been
hemmed and been redressed
No longer must I search
for how I must dress,
it is seamless and before me

Welcome the dawn
of my Autumn
I am now dressed
appropriately for you

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lonely Gallery

Today, a second day
of moping
Yesterday I realized
my words were no longer
being read
When once they were
my conduit of expression,
my catharsis.
There were those that shared
my mind, my heart and would
share with me their’s
No longer do they seem
to hear me laugh or sing
share my day time reverie
or night time dreams
They seem to care no
longer for when I’m lonely
or hear my tear drops fall
The pain and angst I feel
of unfulfilled social causes
fill my book of writ
They no longer tease or
have anywhere to go
My words are sprawled about,
strewn, complacent, now
apathetically floating in cyberspace
Used to use their colors
to paint the pictures
on my life’s canvas
But what’s the use
if no one visits my gallery
I may not be a Matisse
or Vincent van Gogh,
appealing or not
but just the visit,
someone just to care