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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Likes of Me

What wind does there yonder blow
it crashes upon my face
surrounds me like a whirl wind
warm or cool, wet and cold

It molds me like the rocks upon the shore
years of blowing back and forth
giving rides to winged friends
and anything it grasps
when hard it blows

It circles me with life’s adornments
sometimes they glitter or they glow
and some may fall and break
when the wind howls
and intensity grows

Not unlike the stones of ages
it forms the structure of my being
shapes the high or low brow
the cheek bones on my face

So when I look into a mirror
or others peer into my eyes
they see what wind around me swirls
that encapsulates my world

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Balance

Awoke this morning with the vocals of Eva Cassidy
and Israel Kamakawiwo's singing their renditions
of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’
Simple and mellifluous she spreads honey on an
already sweet dream filled song whereas he
plays it with his ukulele in a happy upbeat

Yesterday, filled my listening pleasures with
Yo Yo Ma’s emotional integration with his cello
interpreting Beethoven and Mozart through his fingers
of their linear manifestation of human genius

Sate my palette with a coating of Shelley, Tennyson
Shakespeare; all this to spoil my sensorial
with choice pleasures buffering
the inundation of pain filled realities
of treacherous Weather and Wars

Tomorrow I shall greet my wife’s elderly parents
visiting and bringing more than ninety years
of these days of choices and well cognizant of their
awaiting to embrace their transitional destiny
where all the music, the poetry of Human history
now reside in that restful abode