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Friday, May 10, 2013


the grey of the day
slows time
thrashes it about
into the throngs
of memories
to yesterdays

this day grows slow
the grey
cools the
balmy May wind
swirling it playfully
by the Sun's rays

I do not whine
or complain,
for this grey
gently replaces
les noir of my hair
that has stored the days
of yesteryear

a grey veil
shall cover my eyes
from the rainbows
of my youth
but under this cover of grey
lie the wondrous colors
of many a sunny day

 ‘…lift not the painted veil
which those who live,
call life’
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Thursday, May 9, 2013

the dreamer

a dreamer is the creator
of life

a smile evinces
from a dream filled mind

the eyes that sparkle
is not from the reflection
of the stars but from
the dream within

 the heart flutters
from romance
created in the dreamers heart

he dreams of her
her of him
the feeling surreal
but true

exchange of an empathetic hand
comes from a dreamers wish
that all be calm

 a community revels
in the good that’s come
of the day
tired of anguish and sorrow
they stand and applaud
in the streets

love is a notion
from the dreams
of a dreamer

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


mellifluous, her voice in song
still pleasure the ears
to which she gave birth

her picture sits quietly
on her private alter
our two souls sit
dangling legs on the mantle

how salivating and wonderful
my stomach recalls
her homemade tortillas,
arose con pollo

soulfully come together
on my birthday ironically
on the numeric same day
of her passing

this coincidence brings
our two souls closer
where life and death
is joined by love

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sated Crescent Moon

 the Crescent Moon
     waits knowing soon
          while consuming light
               it will be full

                          the Sea it waves
                            at the Moon
                            with joy for sharing
                                its feed of light

                                             the Owl perched
                                          with eyes wide open
                                             observes the wisdom
                                               of this gathering

                                                          while my eyes sleep
                                                the Moon beams
                                               kiss the Sea
                                             rhe starlet’s glitter
                                            with glee

                                                when I wake
                                       I shall revel
                                     knowing there was
                                   Love goings on

                                     dawning of the Sun
                             smiles in brilliant rays
                          sharing with the Day
                       as it did sating the
                     Crescent Moon

Sunday, May 5, 2013

to open eyes, ears, and hearts

a sitting stone on the river’s bank
running white caps over pebbles,
leaves and branches
a little spotted toad clears its water drenched eyes
lifts its head up o’er to stare my way

who are you and why did you come,
he asks
I can only smile then look away
into my own reverie stream
where my night time dreams
had left me

there’s a calming in my soul
that has entered,
a day ago forlorn
this moment now
it’s at rest

today, those who sneered
at me yesterday because
of my brown skin,
at least appreciate my food
my drink

without looking I can sense
the little toad still staring
my way
it understands that I know
what it is to be
a little toad most days
he now smiles and
we both stare into the stream