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Sunday, May 5, 2013

to open eyes, ears, and hearts

a sitting stone on the river’s bank
running white caps over pebbles,
leaves and branches
a little spotted toad clears its water drenched eyes
lifts its head up o’er to stare my way

who are you and why did you come,
he asks
I can only smile then look away
into my own reverie stream
where my night time dreams
had left me

there’s a calming in my soul
that has entered,
a day ago forlorn
this moment now
it’s at rest

today, those who sneered
at me yesterday because
of my brown skin,
at least appreciate my food
my drink

without looking I can sense
the little toad still staring
my way
it understands that I know
what it is to be
a little toad most days
he now smiles and
we both stare into the stream