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Friday, May 3, 2013

second chance

I sit still on this stump soon
to be fodder for Mother earth
birds perch next to me
a squirrel eats the seed from my hand
gaggle of geese waddle near me
a doe and fawn still hide behind the brush
chewing their flora with one eye watching me
the sun lays a soft veil upon my face
and the wind whistles the days tune

when I used to run and yell
I would call attention to myself
then little would approach
animals scurried away
stares would come my way
and human vanity was embraced
blinding me of things that really mattered
and of those who really cared

life ran fast away
my eyes forgot to look,
my ears did not hear,
roses alluded my smell
feel of grass and cool stream water
were somewhat remiss and my heart
gave little and so little was returned

but as I sit here, still,
hearken my memories in reverie
of those who extended their hand
a little of their heart
not judging me on my stature
or comparing my diminished
wordsmith skill set my inability to
paint just the right hue of blue
choosing free verse in lieu
of rhythm, meter and rhyme 

a quiet solitude
in Mother Nature's embrace
this is what I choose for now
I shall depart covered
with the wrappings of life
and the gift bared, called Love,
providing me with a second chance