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Friday, August 23, 2013

our song

When the minutes and seconds arrive
just before I must leave this behind
I will inhale deep once more
and hope your nearby
so that you’re the air
that I breath

I will take with me memories
of oceans and skies
whispers in my heart will be
from nights spent with you
our times holding hands
under the evening’s sky
its colorful hue

I fear not my leave
for the life I did weave
with you by my side
in the last hours before sleep
share our bodies warmth
one last kiss on thy cheek

I shall hum me a tune
that reminds me of you
when our two hearts danced
as we counted the stars
under a blue moon
then strolled in the beach
as the sun cooled its feet
in the sea

I have no regrets
as my time was well spent
for I loved and I lost,
my pains at small cost
and so when I transition
into my gossamer wings
you’ll hear me sing our song
in your daytime reveries
and nighttime dreams