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Saturday, August 11, 2012


My quest
to learn how to see
how to feel
when to smile
and when to cry

The maiz grows tall
when rain falls
so to the flowers
and the birds
fly into it to refresh

The sun rises
because the earth turns
the day rises
as the night sleeps
Hate and dispair appears
when love is absent

My ears can hear
when my soul
is quiet
music can be heard
along with the ocean rush

My journey
is just beginning
“…and the sunlight grasps
the earth and the moon beams
kiss the sea,
what is all this kissing’s worth
if thou kiss not me?” (P.B.Shelley)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

'The' Past

The wind blows
the russet leaves
fall from trees, early,
they dance with
the wind

The rain is heralded
by brittle arboreal limbs
they cry out in creaks of
anguished thirst and
crisp golden grasses
await their turn to drink

The grey smoke from
steel pipes of ant like
trails of smog
paints the sky testing
nature’s breath
changing Earth’s attire

The ocean waters
rant and rave
bringing torrents to
wash their terra firma skin
of grime left from
the uncaring human hand

The one legged toads
scurry to survive
amidst the contaminated
pharmaceutical laden lakes
and streams, lead heavy
nutriment that reside in
the seas now fill the bellies
of our children

The daylight has narrowed
sunlight has less time
to feed the verdant dress
and the corn that feeds
and the night
awaits to fill its space
our children will learn
to play in the dark