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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

feliz morning

The crisp dawn’s wet cool
lays a sheath of snowflake art
on the window pane

hovering through the night
as the sleepy moon’s breath
It now lays down to rest

Good morning cackling gaggles
and croaking toads
wake up you jumping crickets
rise from your verdant bed

Give me sounds
to praise my waking
that I too rise another day

Monday, October 15, 2012

Moments Reprieve

I remind myself of seas, green and blue
lighted by only stars and moon
and ospreys cackling in their wake

For streams and brooks that splash
and scurry through as water
soaked shoes squish while chasing
a make believe sailboat, a stick, in the stream

Recall the smiles and laughter of love
surrounding me through sunrise and sunset
singing in harmony with siblings
the songs mamasita taught us

All this while my ears pleasure
in the sounds of tickling nylon strings to
Flamenco/classical on my callused finger tips

This moment, a reprieve in the stead
of temporary tribulations anguished thoughts
or lamenting heart for the mundane things
not in my control

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Heart Scorned

Words assembled in a mesh with anger
cut deep like shards of glass
beneath bare feet

They reach their mark
with devastating jagged edges
of intended vitriol

A comportment of the author
evinces from this maelstrom
of darkness

The daggered anger arises
from a heart of scorn
as it exhales

This moment of malaise
discomfit taking place
in lieu of breathing joy

Words chosen carefully
in writ or spoken
gathered with soft edges

fill life’s canvas
with wondrous colors
they treat the eyes and
comfort a heart that’s scorned