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Thursday, January 12, 2017

a lonely heart

i feel vulnerable
like a daffodil in the wind
a ripple in an ocean’s wave
an unrequited heart

the day begins
with the Sun’s piercing eye
and the cotton curtains
swaying, swaying
in the sky

like Bambi alone in the woods
or a single wolf’s howl
nor caws or chirps heard
amidst trees in the forest
can fill this empty space

tears have gathered
to soothe my lonely heart
although love tapped me
on my shoulder, we now
have grown apart

hear my susurrus cry
muffle the pain inside
oh please, peace and calm
embrace my aching heart
let not her soul depart

Sunday, January 8, 2017

my quiet moment

my quiet moment, my silent space
except for the meditative stream of music
streaming in my ears, into my emotions

so many hours, days, weeks and years
i've sat alone, by choice, to rejuvenate 
my 'being', awaken my waiting soul

i think of love  and of peace and calm,
while fingers of darkness touch my arm,
solemnity envelops me in this, surround

my riches are many, i have found love,
she walks like an angel soft and unbound
my heart in her hands, she spins around

in youth, i knew little about love
thought a smile and soft touch was enough
maybe it was yet, hadn't drunk from life’s trough  

i sit in reflection, quiet in this silence of space
which i choose to breathe in lieu of the anger outside
so when my time arrives into the endless silence in space
i will have witnessed many a Sunrise and Sunset,

have witnessed the Moon and Stars dance in the night
as they smile and wink at each other from afar, 
will have seen and breathed the verdant grass and waft
of trees, tasted fresh stream water, not just in dreams

in this quiet time of reflection a fondness of recollection
for those that i love, of those that i cherished
loving hugs from my four legged family members
and those of my love and her heart entwined in mine