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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

blue bird

Oh blue bird sing to me
the song, you know,
the one that tells us
of how you see us
from above

sing to us sweet, sweet
blue bird of how
beautiful tree tops look
how you must squeeze between
the clouds, the sky and mountain tops

chant the song
where rivers flow
and the moon beams
kiss the sea

tell us how the sun
unveils the day
for our kind to play

but, oh sweet blue bird
remind us if we
don’t take care of
what your eyes see
we will not hear
you sing your verse
your song

oh sweet, sweet
blue feathered friend
thank you for that song
you sang for us today

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I cry, my tears

my demon sometimes is unmasked
from the hell where some thoughts reside

they ascend in raging flames
about the things I've seen
those that I have caused

I cry out in a vexing voice
those that are near me
wince in disbelief

I’ve tried so hard to control
their guttural escape in cries
they come out
in projectile screams

my tears disperse
like untamed streams

my heart bursts
in arrhythmic pains
and no ones arms
can mitigate or assuage
my sorrowful moans
that arise from within

I cry for them
for you
for me

forgive me if I lie here
in my fetal form
it will pass soon
and I’ll be free again

just hold me
tell me that you love me

I deserve it

don’t I