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Friday, June 28, 2013

Lost in the Vastness

I was told
look for that large ocean
it has it all
the grandness of size
the vastness of space
where all that swims resides
it is greater than all the
streams, rivers and lakes

In my world
when I would swim in streams
I felt like a large
yellow goldfish
then in fresh river water
I would be the
talk of all the fins
I wouldn’t scale back
showing off the pinkness
of my skin
and in the lake
I was king

But then when I reached
the ocean
most large it was
with all the varying types
but the waves were too large
with time my scales
became feathered
I was small in its vastness
naked and bare
I had lost my identity

I struggled in
the oceans tide
became tired quickly
couldn’t swim with the
stream and floundered
and floundered
till I lay my head
on the beach to

Sunday, June 23, 2013

balance act

Observed this young squirrel
traversing the slightest of limbs
carefully it balances itself
but suddenly it missteps
falls at least three limbs from
the lowest limb
falls on the ground but on
its feet then scurries
back up the tree

I feel like that squirrel
yet when I’ve fallen
from high up I’ve
not fallen on my feet
and I’ve been gravely hurt
not so much physically
but in the heart and mind
my soul laments but
feels that no one hears
its howls and whispers

Not, ‘woe is me’
just an observation
for there are many
squirrels attempting
this balance act
and have fallen
hurt from the fall
unable to scurry back up
or choose not to attempt
that challenge again