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Saturday, December 7, 2013

learning to count

and when I see that wondrous flake slowly fall
I feel my arms around you and your warm
breast pressed against me as we lay there
counting the calming falling of the starry flakes
on my window pane

the silky smoothness of your thighs intertwined
in mine give rise to my wanting desire and I
lose count of the falling white stars as my fingers
flow through your scented hair and I stare
into those azure crystal eyes that say to me
tease me, kiss me, please me

we roll about in tangled sheets
and sweaty beads of lust and love
soft whispers fill the room of ’please
let’s not stop until the clouds are depleted
of snow’ which now the sun has turned
into a crimson pink and the moon
has given us a wink

I’m hoping for the snow to fall and fall
till our doors cannot be opened
and we wrap the sheets around us
and rise only  to walk toward where
there’s  warmth of firewood crackling snapping
and we stare into each other’s eyes
where soon once again we lose count
of the sparks flying from the flames

this is why Nature has given us winter snow
and summer rains and rose colored leaves
falling from the trees so we can use them
as a reason to learn to count

Friday, December 6, 2013


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Jul. 18, 1918-Nov. 5, 2013 (Madiba)

 We do not grieve of your departure from this world. We celebrate that you shared so much of your soul for so many years. You spoke the language that took a long while for so many to understand. You inspired Martin Luther King to march to your and Gandhi’s mantra, that being; liberty, justice and freedom through non violence.

You reawakened and opened the door to the voice of those who had for so long been subjugated to the dissonance of what is Humankind. Your body was incarcerated as a sacrifice yet your spirit sang out between the iron bars and shackles telling the world of the inequities in your village, your town your country. All began to listen and to dance to your inspirational song. It led to our peaceful marches in the nineteen sixties, thousands of miles, north where oppressors applied the same subjugation and oppression.   

This torch or banner of nonviolent revolution has been carried by courage’s figures throughout the history of our world. In lieu of violence and the synonymity with war, our world has believed that the only option to change or kindler of revolution. The courage’s ones have provided us with another option.  They speak of how the  mind and soul can be incited into action by calling attention to inequities and disparities in the status quo through mass awareness in voice vs the philosophy of violent elimination. This banner has been carried by the likes of Jesus, Gandhi, Sister Theresa, Martin Luther King and now, you. A common link to all of you courage’s figures is that all were commoners when first carrying the banner and not self appointed leaders or elected rulers. After serving humanity then they were given a title by their peers. One more link is, a common notion, an issue that is understood by all, that being; the application of fairness, kindness to all that share in this short lived world of ‘Ours’.

History will note that through your life you carried more than just one banner but for many this one banner will be a personal one and in the forefront. Thank you for carrying this torch and banner for us. Hopefully someday humankind will come to its senses and eradicate the war mentality and its machines. There will be a realization that change can be accomplished through voice and our willingness to listen to that voice. Our short lived resources to develop a more livable world would be better served.   Rest in Peace, mi amigo!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

a flower's wisdom

as the morning proceeds to open its eyes
so do yours as you slowly transition from
the realities of the dreams that enveloped
your resting night time soul

you breathe the breath of light that's coming
from the flapping of the days wings
lifting you from your supine state onto
the verticality where the view of the horizon
and all else standing upright in this reality

you take a step to observe with fresh eyes
the flower that stands before you
how the soft pedals spread open reaching
for the sky with a radiance of crimson and yellows
curious of how it has survived the cold
and nigh of snow

you lift your eyes and arms upward to where
the dream of heaven should be and await its
greeting to this new beginning much like 
the flower’s soul that seems to have the wisdom
you seek, as the sun smiles down upon it
and they both look at you, for they know


Sunday, December 1, 2013

estrella mia

mi estrella, your fingers of light have gently
grasped the dark crevices in my heart
your brightness enlightens my soul
endearing without the casting of a shadow

I knew we’d eventually find each other
amidst the constellations that have veiled
the night skies since the beginning of time
and somehow you and I who’ve traveled
through much darkness are now brought
together by destiny’s hand

our union has left me agape
and gasping for air like a sea lion
coming up to breathe from the dark depths
of cold waters after searching for that opening
in the iced down ceiling from above

now I understand the meaning of the star
that guided the three wise men written
in the Book and the epiphany in the
star of David where the fingers of your light
touch closed eyes to open and cast a
shadow-less light upon the soul

mi estrella, you have awaken me
and have ‘lightened’ the burden on my soul
where I will now traverse upon my life’s
journey gathering shadows where they
should not be cast and try to fill that
now empty space with star dust