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Saturday, December 7, 2013

learning to count

and when I see that wondrous flake slowly fall
I feel my arms around you and your warm
breast pressed against me as we lay there
counting the calming falling of the starry flakes
on my window pane

the silky smoothness of your thighs intertwined
in mine give rise to my wanting desire and I
lose count of the falling white stars as my fingers
flow through your scented hair and I stare
into those azure crystal eyes that say to me
tease me, kiss me, please me

we roll about in tangled sheets
and sweaty beads of lust and love
soft whispers fill the room of ’please
let’s not stop until the clouds are depleted
of snow’ which now the sun has turned
into a crimson pink and the moon
has given us a wink

I’m hoping for the snow to fall and fall
till our doors cannot be opened
and we wrap the sheets around us
and rise only  to walk toward where
there’s  warmth of firewood crackling snapping
and we stare into each other’s eyes
where soon once again we lose count
of the sparks flying from the flames

this is why Nature has given us winter snow
and summer rains and rose colored leaves
falling from the trees so we can use them
as a reason to learn to count