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Sunday, December 1, 2013

estrella mia

mi estrella, your fingers of light have gently
grasped the dark crevices in my heart
your brightness enlightens my soul
endearing without the casting of a shadow

I knew we’d eventually find each other
amidst the constellations that have veiled
the night skies since the beginning of time
and somehow you and I who’ve traveled
through much darkness are now brought
together by destiny’s hand

our union has left me agape
and gasping for air like a sea lion
coming up to breathe from the dark depths
of cold waters after searching for that opening
in the iced down ceiling from above

now I understand the meaning of the star
that guided the three wise men written
in the Book and the epiphany in the
star of David where the fingers of your light
touch closed eyes to open and cast a
shadow-less light upon the soul

mi estrella, you have awaken me
and have ‘lightened’ the burden on my soul
where I will now traverse upon my life’s
journey gathering shadows where they
should not be cast and try to fill that
now empty space with star dust