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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I see me

I see aged couples walking slow
I think I walk too fast
I hear them whispering
I think I speak too loud
I see them, at each other, smiling
I think I don’t smile enough
I see them holding hands
I wonder, where’s my lovers hand
I see them sitting next to each other in silence
I wonder how did their silence become golden
I see his head is lowered and tears are flowing
I wonder if his lament is because of time past
When I stand and walk away
and turn to gather one last look
I notice they’re no longer there
I ask myself were they ever
Or was I observing, me

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Illusory Little Things

Illusory is the conclusion I’ve arrived
In the many years of my life
My dreams, my youth filled naiveté,
arises as an illusion

The faces that would look at me
I misinterpreted, thinking truth
was in the eyes that stared at me
and selfless giving was in their hearts

Without direction and oversight
I thought life would come to me
with open arms and gifts a plenty
with joy and ’happiness’.

My illusion of Life
has caused these wishes and desires
to be elusive
extending a cold hand
rather than a warm embrace

Some moments did cause me to smile
receiving gifts
But when all around me there was little
compared to those with much.

My youthful misdirection and misunderstanding
disallowed, in retrospect, an appreciation
that ’little’ is ‘much’ when compared
to those with less

I’ve arrived now
In a place of contentment
No illusion
I now understand
The ’little’ things

Monday, August 23, 2010

Be Here now

If I remember first thing in the morning
And open my eye lids slowly,
Will my day slow?

If I quietly and gently pull back the covers
And slowly roll my legs and hips off the bed
Then place my feet onto the cool wood floor
And sit there for a while contemplating
The beginning of my day
Will it slow?

If instead of walking, I crawl on all fours
Knees and hands to the floor
As if this were the way I’ve always ambulated
Would my day slow?

If I looked and walked backwards
Not looking forward
But always where I had been
Would time move slower?

Maybe if I just become cognizant of the present
Not look forward or backward
Trying to gather lucidity of the ‘now’
The present, ‘Be here now, Remember’
Time stands still

Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Day

This morning has arrived with a grayish hue
A quiet coolness has awaken and greeted the day
Although it’s but a small non-pretentious fountain
that I bought and now sits
just outside of my back yard patio within view
the sound of water spurting and falling
from it’s cap onto the first tier
then onto the second where the sound
grows more audibly, with this ambiance
the separateness of my being seems to
assimilate and integrate into this wondrous
call of Nature’s morning

If all could be so calm and so alluring
with every morning that I rise
From now until life beckons me
to rise and walk through life’s portal
and once again smile upon those
who no longer walk on this earth,
my Mother and my brother, whose love
transcends this mundane path
they sit here with me
on my patio

Thank you to whom ever
I should thank for this day.