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Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Day

This morning has arrived with a grayish hue
A quiet coolness has awaken and greeted the day
Although it’s but a small non-pretentious fountain
that I bought and now sits
just outside of my back yard patio within view
the sound of water spurting and falling
from it’s cap onto the first tier
then onto the second where the sound
grows more audibly, with this ambiance
the separateness of my being seems to
assimilate and integrate into this wondrous
call of Nature’s morning

If all could be so calm and so alluring
with every morning that I rise
From now until life beckons me
to rise and walk through life’s portal
and once again smile upon those
who no longer walk on this earth,
my Mother and my brother, whose love
transcends this mundane path
they sit here with me
on my patio

Thank you to whom ever
I should thank for this day.