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Friday, August 7, 2015

in her eyes

songbirds wake me through my open window
as i roll over and there she is…long sinuous hair
and warm cheeks from the comfort of her sleep
her eyes still closed yet her eyelashes so long
they are entangled in her hair

her eyelids slowly open as my face lays
next to hers and i see the sky in her azure eyes
there's the moon and stars of our night before. slowly
her smile evinces with a radiance of the morning sun
so i need not bother looking outside my window 
to see the morning's glory for it's before me

i rise, walk out and feel the grass blades underneath
my naked feet and the breeze blows gently
from the northwest, fills my soul with
the verve of life… this gives me joy

if tomorrow i do not wake, i will have lived this
moment. i have loved and have been loved, seen
and witnessed much in this tenured life of more
days and nights, weeks months and years than many.
have felt pain and angst, smiles and tears, more
than some but surely much less than others…

if i have not become what others expected of me
and i, at moments, wondered if i could have. judge me not  
in your eyes as unaccomplished, fulfilled. do not tarry
or waste a second or minute of your concern for i am 
and have become the totality of my choices, my volition. 
for in this moment i have calm and joy in my soul and 
love fills my heart for i see the sun, the moon, the stars
before me, in her eyes

Monday, August 3, 2015

between night and day

sinuously the day comes as
the night departs miraculously
as the earth revolves as if
all was planned for us to sleep
to wake

and too

the scent of night is discernibly
different than that of the day
underneath the stars and moon
the smell of wet dew evince and form
atop the grasses and the petals on flora

and too

if one puts their ear to the silence
in the quiet in the dark one can hear
crinkling leaves and bowing blades of grass
under the weight of dew and the many
tiny tapping sounds of drops can be heard
falling from upper petals onto the lower ones

and too

the tiny feet and excavating mandibles
of little nibbles from earthbound critters
living a nocturnal life immersing  in
Nature’s sensorial waft from  
the composition of the floral eatery

and too

as the moon and tired glittery night
begins its dissent to rest letting the
sun awaken and the breath of yawning
flora and fauna arise to entertain
the day gives way the sleepy night
as the earth turns upon its axis
to beget the day