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Friday, January 27, 2012

That Day in June

Remember that day in June
when our tongues
had shared in the tickle
of the drops we collected
from the cool drizzle
of the afternoons delight

Our faces raised upward
laying on the embankment
of that river who had also
shared our first kiss
locking our hearts
that day in Spring

Remember we giggled
when that toad burped
excuse me, I said
and the stream of water
sang over stones and sticks
from around the bend

We laid there supine
for that moment of innocence
when all was fine
our harried cares and worries
were carried away
by that Monarch miracle
in its gossamer wings

That day is remembered
tendered by the gentle
heartbeat in that secret
chamber of my heart
where it stores
that lovely day in June

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tortillas Replace Forks

My toes are crooked
fingers broken
painful arthritis
fills my hips and back

Roll off the bed
when I wake
struggle to raise my body
feel like the walking dead

Reach tools are
logistically placed
to put on socks
shoes with no lace
my days bring challenges
trying to save face

I can no longer use
a fork or spoon
let alone a knife
I eat with my
fingers and hands
tortillas serve me well

Feels good the earth
underneath bare feet
in lieu of a grunt
I choose to smile
helps me forget my pain
for a little while

I now sleep upright
in my recliner
no more stuffy nose
or waking my wife
with my snore
lumbar vibrator and heat
restful and soothing sleep

I've made Time my friend
my activities slightly revised
seemingly clearer are things
and more appreciated
when life moves slower

aging is Life's constant
like 'change' is to the universe
so I accept, adjust, advance
slower but with a smile
barefooted with my tortilla
in hand.

sending one's health
into demise

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thank you Gabby

A flower
whose radiance
and waft of sweet
altruistic scent
sacrifices through
inclement exposure
risking animus
and the ire of weeds
who try to choke
the growth of
her refreshing petals
that kissed the hand
of life and it
reciprocated giving her
a second chance
to plant her seed
foreseeing her beauty
in a flower bed
where her petals
fall fertilizing earth
cultivating other growth

Monday, January 23, 2012

Choice (Dedication Rep. Gabrielle Gifford)

Am I alone
fearing the loss
of my home
not the edifice
or individual abode
but that which is within
the Human kind
I struggle with all
the vitriol
the distasteful
disdainful hate
that affronts our
better nature
We fling mire
at each other
because others
tell us to
We neither question
their direction
or accept personal
responsibility for
choosing to follow
the base of
which is our
primeval make up
in lieu of choosing
to accept the challenge
of resolve through discourse
We attack, we demonize
rather than choose
to understand
We close our eyes
rather than try
to discern truth
I fear the loss
of heart
of mind
of soul
of humankind
Soon enough
it will be taken
from us and
we will have
wasted the freedom
of choice