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Friday, February 24, 2012


You’ve shown me
your many faces
in many ways
as there are days,
not limited only
through conscience
of heart
You’ve arisen with me
since my eyes
have seen,
and nose
has smelled,
since my hands
have held
You’ve come to me
in moon light
in crimson horizons
lying side by side
with the ocean bed
You've sung to me
through wind and
mellifluous sounds
of throats with beaks
You shared your
breath of life
in the womb
where I awaken,
whence then showing me
how to care,
to be selfless
to Love
Sometimes I wonder;
before the Christian
my Aztec land
many iconic symbols
and faces resided
in my home
had breathed
Your air
curious how since
your visit
of only One,
is spoken
it's writ in books
with different names
sharing you has
become, uniquely, limited
To be true,
I’ve seen your
many faces
all breathing in
the likes of You

Thursday, February 23, 2012


3am, in the moon lighted air
the coolness breathed in
the head tilts looking upward
tiny blinking eyes on me
my humanness passionately desires
to absorb and be let in, assimilated,
into the oneness
of this moment

as the sun sleeps
silence resounds, quiet abounds
the ears of the leaves
still left on the trees
their slighted shadows dance
cast by the moon
they play with the night wind
knowing farewell, I stand here

this moment placed in a compartment
deeply folded in my soul
so when the sun once again rises
the bedded voices reawaken
speaking loudly to each other
forgetting our short time gifted
I will reach into this saved folding
regaining a quiet moment
oh, so quickly forgotten, forlorn