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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Moment of Human Selflessness

His eyes always looking at me
through that curly gray hair
following me throughout the room
his body unflinching only his eyebrows raise
Sometimes with four paws in the air
lying on his back with his head
tilted over the side of the couch
His eyes just stare at me
not that steely eye look of ‘who do you think you are’
that humans do when they leer
but a look that peers at depths
that makes a human want to know
‘What do you see in us and why do you
give us that unconditional love that is selfishly unrequited?‘
He lies there waiting for me to succumb to his heartened eyes
that plead for human contact and a soft whisker whisper
‘ I love you buddy ’.

Her, my ‘beotch’, a mini curly black as jade haired poodle
same as her aforementioned adopted brother
will also chase me down with those big
predominately white iris’s and small black pupils,
eerie sometimes when she follows my movement
one hundred and eighty degrees back and forth
without any movement of her head or brows.
Her constant stare is one of curiosity and caution
calculating when she must jump and scamper about
much like the independence and vitality of her feline genus family
She does not have that same philosophical imparting look
as her brother asking why we humans are the way we are
but in a carefree manner wants us to chase her
and pay attention to her whimsy and her needs,
at her convenience of course

Monday, February 14, 2011


When the one who has taken your heart
leaves your side and goes afar
your chest is empty yet the vacuum
makes way for a darkness to reside

One can try to fill that emptiness
surrounded by other voices
walk in crowded spaces
yet darkness houses the noises

No one else understands
the heartfelt words shared
whose hearts blood flows
sharing a common artery

No longer do I hear the symphony of vocals
whose playground is the sky
nor feel the warming breezes
on our dampen palms
skimming through the leaves of trees
as we’d stroll with fingers intertwined

I walk alone in this surreal emptiness
in a diurnal reverie where I now reside
the songbirds music is replaced
by the mystical tune and vocals
of Annie Lennox singing ’Why’.