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Friday, May 24, 2013

night to day

I embrace thee
for the spirit
of the night
has released me
to the day

walk along a path
many have before me
not of earthen soil
but in time and space
with a soul
of human race

where and how
my destiny unfolds
but with meager
farthings to behold
until there’s love
within my heart
my soul
my eyes shan’t open
nor rest shall come
I am told

I welcome thee
spirit of the day
where the foals  
in your arms,
the wind, all
come out to play

until the days longings
brush back my hair
to lay my head again
upon the lap of night
I shall not rest
until my heart, my soul
hath given thee
all that I must
dear salient daylight

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


waste not a minute
or five
of this moment
be alive


feel the tips
of your fingers
touch your brow
and your toes

let all the sounds
fill your ears
and your eyes, the day.
let the scents consume
your nose

sense your
heart beat faster
as the wind
teases the tender
of your skin

when the black
of night hides
the day
let them play tag
embrace the verve
of life, within

when possible
extend your hand to
someone especially in
their hour of need
for we’re all part
of this, lets eliminate
the greed 

Blessings be with
you: Moore, OK.