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Thursday, May 22, 2014


don’t know why but today
my soul hovers not
and the wind is calm
we sit next to each other

emptiness walks by, we wave
it takes a seat next to my soul
it chatters with the wind
but not with me

i ask...emptiness, why do
you sit next to me? but no words
are ignores me
so I sit alone

my heart beats, tethered
by subtle and quiet
it’s beat not heard amidst
the hovering of other souls

my heart aches recalling the tears
shed of life’s disdains and all
the telling of angry words
captured in its chambers

is this the way it must be
for days to come
only the wind and emptiness
to sit next to me?  



Monday, May 19, 2014

life's bed of flowers

when first I walked upon a bed of flowers
awed, i was breathlessly taken
by the aesthetic beauty, imbued into my
eyes, my sense of smell, my touch

recklessly i flailed about, rolling and laughing,
somehow knowing the incomparable joy
would be short lived and so insatiably
i consumed all I could so in recall it
is like wonderfully warmed leftovers

as time availed me with the highs and lows
rendering a roller coaster ride in life
where the first exhiliration may never be
re-lived still i choose to get back on
to feel the rush as my hair blows wildly,
the cheeks shutter in the wind, another smile

in the midst of this sojourn, a heartfelt and
expensive ride, i brush myself, comb my hair,
inhale, thrust myself again upon that wondrous
bed of flowers and become witness again to the
the smells, to the tastes, to the soft petals upon my face,  
allowing the capture of this into my soul my heart.
feigned is the innocence rebeckoning for the bliss