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Thursday, May 30, 2013

safe place

Mama Zen's request
53 words of a

safe place:

large Oak
limbs and fingers
stretch wide
watching over
the space where Mamas
house once stood
I sit in lotus
at its base
the Oak and me
face to face
close my eyes
slowly breathe in deep
Ohm Ohm Ohm
release my being
no longer me
I am the tree
I can see


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

innocent smile

if I could but see
one more time
the light that met my eyes
when first they opened
as I lay my head
upon mother’s bosom

on that day of my birth
when warmth radiated
upon my face
with ebullient joy
seeing innocent smiles
of those hovering
over me  

it was not the light
of the Sun or
of the day but
the light emitting
from the aura
of love

might this be the light
seen in the mind’s eye
when life’s breath
ceases in the incarnate
being and its soul
is touched by
the universal spirit

if this be it
then I wish to be
embraced by this
light and once more
feel the warmth
of its smile

Monday, May 27, 2013

eyes in dark abyss

the eyes dark and distant
cold and untouchable
they’ve seen the heinous
the worst of man
bring not only death
to another but imposing

they severed limbs
but before this
they make them scream
eyes welt with tears
beg for a kind reprieve
but they know never
will they see again
and hold their love ones

the fires of hell
explode wantonly about
the mind and heart
has succumb to
the shards of fear
how long a life time
is a year

the mind has blackened
stored and compartmentalized
what the eyes have seen
even by ones own hand
never to speak of it
to oneself again let alone
to any other 
back at home 

and life trickles by
in minutes and hours
days/nights become indiscernible  
when eyes have entered
in that black abyss
and others can only see
their reflection because
they can’t see in

Welcome Home Soldiers back from Hell